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Text Box: NorwegianTrans ANS is a Norwegian Translation Company, 100% jointly owned  by Roald Toskedal and his partners Reidun Toskedal and Gunnar Toskedal. 
Our main office is located near Rosendal, Norway, with a sister office that is located in Stokmarknes, Norway, and is ran and managed by partner Reidun Toskedal. Roald is retired and functions as a silent partner who will work on  only a very few projects when necessary. Per 2015, we have a total of 15 years of translating experience.
Please contact us for samples of our work and for our most recent price list, CV and Standard Terms.

Thank you!

Text Box: Addr.: Pileteigen 3
N5474 Løfallstrand, Norway
VAT no: NO 988 023 612MVA

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Text Box: Sparebanken Midt-Norge 
Søndre Berg 4 
7467 Trondheim, Norway 
Tel:    +47 07300
Fax:   +47 73 58 58 10 
Email: smn{at}smn.no

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